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Flood Relief Support

The catastrophic June 13 flooding in the park’s Northern Range forced our small business to stop most of our activities. We begin our educational day tours primarily out of Gardiner, Montana, at Yellowstone’s north access gate. This small town is now mostly cut off from Yellowstone because the road connecting us into the park was washed out by the high flood waters and major debris flows.  These funds will help us to “stay afloat” now that most of our 2022 season tours had to be cancelled and help us get through this difficult financial loss.

Join us for a privately guided tour of Yellowstone National Park, our world’s first national park.

All of our private tours are based on your personal interests. Individuals, couples, friends and families are all welcome! MacNeil works great with kids of all ages – making sure you have a very fun, memorable and educational experience.

MacNeil Lyons has 20 years of experience guiding and exploring in Yellowstone National Park with a passion for sharing his knowledge of the natural and cultural resources found throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The focus of MacNeil and his company is rooted in the simple concept of instilling an appreciation of preserving the world’s natural resources for future generations.

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Yellowstone Insight offers tours that are unique experiences tailored to your specific interests.

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