MacNeil’s Rule of 4 P’s

by | Field Notes

I thought this out a few years back… Many a former client of mine thought it was just perfect and there was a moment when I thought, that maybe, I should “trademark” the idea! Well, that’s not really what I cared to do… What I really wanted was to share my knowledge with others…

So here it is, the MacNeil’s Rule of 4 P’s:

Patience – Be in the moment and focus on the subject at hand. Take a breath and wait to see what happens. Make mental notes of clues, sometimes subtle, that are around you that might help make a decision as to what your subject might be doing.

Practice – Know your camera settings to be ready to capture it. Be familiar with the subject you are observing to anticipate its next movement and behavior.

Persistence – Don’t think you can experience Yellowstone for just one day with a “Top 10 List” of what you want to see and expect to see it… Of course, some days are just banner days, where everything works perfectly and seemingly, in your favor. The reality is, you need to try to visit Yellowstone a few times, experience the magnificence in a variety of seasonal changes. Only then, might you fulfill your “Top 10 List”.

Pays – If you are patient and you practice the above mentioned and are persistent, it just might pay off in a one-of-a-kind digital image or mental image. Either way, you will have left your Yellowstone experience with a greater knowledge of its resources and hopefully, memories, as well as digital files that captured it for future recollections.

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