2016 Summer Season, a Visual Review

by | Field Notes

November 16, 2016

It is amazing how time really does seem to pass us by… This morning as I look out to the foothills of Gardiner to the first real snow of autumn blanketing the ground, I am reminded of the countless experiences that I had on tour over the past six months.

It was a busy year for Yellowstone Insight and not a great deal of “free time” for me to add to this blog section. As much as I had desired to do so there was simply just not enough time.  Being a small company keeping the interaction personal with each client and guiding the daily tours there was limited time for me to write blog posts. When my “free time” from work became available it was spent enjoying time outside of Yellowstone with my family.

I would like to send a very BIG thank you out to each of you who spent quality time with me on tour this year!  Also a huge thanks to those who lived vicariously through our Facebook postings.  I trust that you will keep in contact with us and consider booking a tour in the months and years to come…  Below, you can see a variety of images from the last few months that I took while on tour. Consider this a visual review of the 2016 summer tours with Yellowstone Insight.  Please enjoy!

bison-calf_8566bald-eagle-lake_7418bison-walking-road_5668blacktail-coyotewolf-wm_5071blacktail-wolfbison1_5257coyote-face_2813electric-moon-set_3368gray-jay_2859grizzly-bear-green-meadow_0857grizzlybearbisoncarcass_6527grouse-dusky-2_6203harlequin-duck-1_7345lower-falls_5682mammoth-hot-springs-terraces-spring_6286moose-1_4562rainbow-tower-waterfall_6705red-fox_5511redfox_2544tower-creek-bend_7334wolfbison-03-28-16badger_0569bighornramprofile_5294black-bear-backcountry-sow_6090black-bear-standing_0538canyon-walls_5712cutthroat-trout_0629electric-peak-from-blacktail_7111elk-bull-getting-bigger-07-10-16_1910elk-near-mammoth_1358elkbullreflection_3079evening-primrose-_1545grizzlybearyearling_4019grizzlysow-rasberry_9791grizzlycub-snow_9739mountain-goat-2_2089ospreyinriver_9387photoday-calcite-springs_8615pronghornfawn_9772porcupine_2492bisonskulllamarvalley_7634blackbearaspensign_9660blackbearsowwhitebarkcones_4771blacktailpanoramabisonbreakfast_8089electricpeakreflection_8894muledeerautumncolors_4365elkcowsleeping_20161030_lyons_10013-copymuledeerbuckrut_10024photoday-aspen-moon_8548redtail-hawk-1_3727swanlakesunrise_8885 swanlakesunrise_8912wolvesprospectpeakpackwelk_7619

I hope you enjoyed these images that were taken this year (May – October 2016) while on tour with Yellowstone Insight, MacNeil Lyons Guiding, LLC.  If you have any questions about the individual pictures or our tour options please do not hesitate to contact us!  Stay tuned for more postings and as always feel free to “like”, “share” and comment on our Facebook page. You can easily find the Facebook page link on the top and bottom on any of our website pages.

Thank you for checking in with this post!