Podcast Interview – Everybody’s National Parks

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Yellowstone Insight’s owner/lead guide, MacNeil Lyons was recently interviewed by Bryan and Danielle for their Everybody’s National Parks PODCAST – ENP 4.5.2 GYE:Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 2).
Everybody’s National Parks is a podcast dedicated to family adventure in our national parks. We aim to inspire, inform, and provide guidance and insight to help families and visitors get the most out of their park experience. You will hear about our trips as well as hear from experts regarding history, nature, activities and tours, pressing issues and also from neighbors and visitors to the parks. www.everybodysnationalparks.com
Direct link to their podcast list: http://www.everybodysnationalparks.com/podcasts
Take a moment to download and listen to this 50 minute interview.
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Check the ‘show notes’ for more detailed information and associated links!